Video: Incredible kids in Hamhung, North Korea

March 3, 2013 by Joshua
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A few of the incredible kids we got to meet in Hamhung, North Korea. See more stills at the bottom of the page.

Another reason visiting North Korea became one of my most educational and thought-provoking experiences, as well as of my travel-mates. This experience was too incredible not to include it on my blog’s main page (if you haven’t been reading my North Korea posts, click to see the videos I’ve been posting of my trip there last April — some inspirational, all educational).

Our tour bus took us to a kids camp in Hamhung, North Korea, then to the city. I don’t know how they chose to take us to see kids, but it seems they brought us to a lot of kids places.

After our amazing experiences interacting with North Koreans directly at Kim Il Sung Square as well as playing Ultimate Frisbee in Pyongyang the year before, we were poised to have fun with the kids.

I think beyond that, the videos need little explanation. It was an amazing experience in North Korea.

Sorry about the buzzing sound at the beginning. It goes away.

In the second part, when I did the fist-bumps, maybe as an American in North Korea I shouldn’t have been saying “boom.”

The kids love being on camera. Between takes I showed them themselves in pictures on the screen on the back of my camera. Needless to say, they loved it.

The last part starts with Jordan showing the kids pictures from his camera, then shows the kids, then shows the difficulty of leaving when you’re having so much fun.

Regular North Koreans in Hamhung, North Korea

Here I interview Jordan about our experiences with the kids at the camp in Hamhung, North Korea. At this point we’re in the city of Hamhung, a short drive from the camp.

The videos before were of kids in a camp near Hamhung. Here the kids are in Hamhung, so I think they are the less privileged in the town and gown split. At first a crowd forms. Then we start smiling and high-fiving, then adults show up.

Still images

Here are still images of these incredible kids in Hamhung — the camp and the town.

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