Why inspire yourself if not to act?

June 2, 2018 by Joshua
in Fitness, Habits

I just watched a bunch of motivational videos. Here’s one, for example of LeBron James.

People keep remarking at my burpees or picking up trash or generating less trash than most Americans as impressive.

I watch LeBron and I’m not in the same league. What I do is ordinary in comparison.

It’s not just that I haven’t achieved what he has. I don’t see how, knowing what Michael Jordan did, someone could say what I’m doing is impressive. I can’t imagine how someone could watch a videos like the above and think anything less than professional athlete level is comparable.

Michael Jordan

But they do.

The only way I could see someone calling me impressive is if they simply see MJ as superhuman or beyond what others can reach. He’s human, though, which means they’d have to see themselves as subhuman.

I don’t mean I have to play basketball like they do. I’m 46. But I can act on my passion to reach their level in it.

I learn about people like them to tell me what I’m capable of. I aspire to their level and seeing them motivates me to reach potentials beyond what I thought I had.

Do people get blown out by the videos as too far from what they could or would do and not try?

Do people watch those videos for reasons other than to motivate themselves?

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