285: How to take initiative, on the environment or life

February 3, 2020 by Joshua
in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Podcast

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“. . . but what I do doesn’t matter . . .”

Regular listeners know I can’t stand this phrase. If you’re like most people, you want to act on the environment. You want to make sure you make a difference and fear wasting your time or doing pointless work.

I felt that way before I started the path that led to this podcast. Taking initiative overcame it. I wrote my book, Initiative, on taking initiative based on the course I’ve taught at corporations and NYU to stellar student reviews and videos.

If you want to make a difference on something you care about to help a community and people you care about, the exercises in this book are the best way I know.

Today’s episode is a conversation with Dan Zehner, who did the exercises. Yes, I’m promoting the book, but to help empower this community. I didn’t record it intending to post here, but found it so relevant to a world where one of the most common responses involves the phrase “but what I do doesn’t matter” that I decided to share it here.

Joshua Spodek's Initiative: A Proven Method to Bring Your Passions to Life (and Work), 3d cover

Initiative teaches anyone to create more of what you love, get closer to your family and loved ones if you want, create community, develop social and emotional skills, connect with the top people in the world in your area.

Went from below middle manager to realizing his dreams, spending more time with his family, wasting less time on uninteresting things, and going into business with one of the top people in the world to serve people and a community he cares about.

He felt he had no other choice. He didn’t see opportunities he now considers obvious. His world turned from scarcity and lonely struggle to abundance and progress with friends.

Questions Dan answers

What if I

  • Don’t have time?
  • Don’t have money?
  • Have too many ideas?
  • Have too few ideas?
  • Can’t focus?
  • Don’t want to start a company?
  • Don’t like to take risks?
  • Don’t know anyone who can help me?

What if my husband/wife/family is my priority?

What about all the problems in the world I should work on?

How is Initiative’s process different than all the other resources out there on entrepreneurship?

What’s wrong with other methods?

What’s the experience like?

Where can I learn more details?

Click here for the video of this episode

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