351: A Rough Day in New York City

June 28, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

Today was a rough day for me in New York. Most of my solo episodes I start with a point. Today brought me down enough that I decided to share more openly some thoughts I get when seeing situations that look hopeless and are deteriorating. I wouldn’t listen to it if you feel down.

Normally I try to support others. It occurred to me, I hear almost nothing back from listeners, friends, family, or the world providing hope or support. More commonly people seem mystified that I or anyone would try to live sustainably when they could instead eat, travel, buy, etc with nary a thought of stewardship or empowerment.

Below are my notes reminding me of a few things during the day to cover while speaking. As I’m writing these words, fireworks—that is, loud explosions—are going off within a block or two, unofficial.

  • Helicopter since 5:20
  • No masks
  • Litter everywhere, every meal
  • Just saw Story of Plastic
  • Nobody seems to care. We can go a day without water, but 8 oz bottles
  • Police everywhere
  • Mayor absent
  • President exacerbating
  • Why bother?
  • Am I missing signs of mainstream effective action?
  • Plastic production higher than ever

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