352: The War of Art and Nature

June 30, 2020 by Joshua
in Podcast

I loved Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art. I found it inspiring. It had a property that qualifies for me that something qualifies as a work of art: it said something I always knew was true but that I’d never seen expressed that way.”

I mention it for two reasons. One, I recorded a podcast episode with Steven the other day, which led me to reread the book. Two, I found the book applies to acting in stewardship. Substitute a few words and new meaning emerges, mainly changing art to stewardship. Most of the rest follows.

That recording is in the editing queue so should be ready in July.

I describe the analogy in this episode’s recording. I share a few examples. I hope it helps motivate.

I recommend The War of Art to nearly anyone. I recommend it especially to people who want to work on the environment.

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