353: I don’t want to act on the environment

July 1, 2020 by Joshua
in Nature, Podcast

I think I’ve accidentally led people astray, sharing how much I enjoy acting in stewardship. I would prefer doing anything I wanted whenever and wherever, on my terms—that is, if I didn’t have to consider how my behavior affected others, especially those powerless to stop my effects from hurting them.

Today’s episode shares how I’m doing on the personal level what science suggests—no magic, nothing personal, just following the advice that makes the most sense. On the social level, I’m leading other people, corporations, institutions, and government. I’m not making things up or denying.

I’d rather play sports, cook, hike, meet girls, and so on. But science shows the state of the world and the risks to come. I refuse to ignore or tell myself what I do doesn’t matter. So I act as best I can in stewardship.

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