458: The Spodek Method: How to Lead Someone to Act Joyfully Sustainably

May 12, 2021 by Joshua
in Education, Exercises, Leadership, Podcast

I’ve taught a half-dozen people the technique I use in this podcast—the hosts of the other branches of the This Sustainable Life podcast. They started calling it The Spodek Method, so now I do too. It’s enabled me to reach amazing people, many of global renown, who enjoy the experience. It doesn’t alone solve all the world’s problems, but it works. The Spodek Method leads a person to share and act on environmental values.

You can do it too with communities you’d like to join. You would contribute to a mission of changing culture from seeing stewardship and sustainability as a burden, chore, deprivation, and sacrifice to wanting to do it based on experience, expecting joy, fun, freedom, community, connecting, meaning and value.

Why learn The Spodek Method?
Before After
Deprivation Joy
Sacrifice Fun
Chore Freedom
Burden Community

If you would like to lead your community, try it. If you’d like to grow yourself, have others do it on you.

This episode presents my teaching Jonathan Hardesty The Spodek Method during our second conversation. No planning. It happened spontaneously because we had a great rapport, he loved his experience, and was interested in leading a community craving leadership on sustainability instead of being told what to do.

If you want to start a podcast branch and join the family, contact me. It takes practice, but once you start, you’ll love the experience, the team, and being changing culture.

Think about the people you’d like to meet most in the world. The Spodek Method enables you to lead them in a way they enjoy and invite you into your life.

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