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April 3, 2011 by Joshua
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This post continues my About page.

Whom this blog is for

This blog is for successful people who want to bring about more of that success. Success here means success by your standards — what brings you emotional reward. It could be money, power, and fame, but I expect it will more likely be activities and relationships that bring you the emotions and emotional reward you want.

People who have advanced as far as they can but suspect there is more than mainstream institutions of school, work, government, church, mainstream media, and so on will probably find new ways of looking at things here that can help them expand their horizons.

I write to help you raise your self-awareness first, then to act on what you learn. On the one hand, both can be hard: how do you increase awareness of something you’ve never been unaware of — yourself? How do you act on something that affects everything about you? On the other hand, doing so is easy once you know what to do. And once you gain awareness, you always have access to it, no matter how distracted you may get from time to time.

People who attend and get the most out of my seminars tend to be college educated, professional, and lead rewarding lives already.

People who will find my ideas challenging and maybe horrible are people who ascribe to others problems in their lives — people I call victims. That life strategy works for some — by absolving yourself of responsibility you can sleep well at night — and I wish its adherents well. The strategy worked well for me for a long time and I still find myself practicing it when I don’t think about it. But I have little tolerance for it. If that’s your path, I wish you well, but must part company as far as this blog is concerned.

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