How To Lead Better Through Practice: Watch a video with me and David Burkus

February 20, 2017 by Joshua
in Education, Exercises, Leadership

David Burkus is a writer, speaker, and coach on leadership and creativity. A mutual friend put us in touch and he’s helped me with my book, coaching, and writing since.

He’s also hosting the Work Smarter Summit, an online summit of speakers, interviews, teachers, and thought leaders. I’m one of the speakers! … That means it’s quality. Here’s a screen shot:

Work Smarter Summit

A screen shot of the Work Smarter Summit, which includes me, so it’s quality, and I recommend it.

My conversation with him is full of useful information, background, and tips. Here’s a screenshot of my talking to him:

Work Smarter Summit - Joshua SpodekClick here to view the video, which covers leadership techniques, perspectives, and a lot of what is in my book but live and interactive. I describe a few exercises from Leadership Step by Step and demonstrate a few with him.

Then click here to register to see all the other speakers and register for full access to all their videos.



Then practice, practice, practice!

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