Left mouse button broke. Still posting, not missing my sidcha.

August 5, 2020 by Joshua
in Habits, SIDCHAs

I haven’t missed a post here in almost ten years. My left mouse button broke—rather the track pad, an integral part of the computer. I found a used mouse on Craig’s List I can get tomorrow I think I can use while ordering a new track pad, which I think I can install myself.

In the meantime I’m seeing if I can post without a left button and keep the sidcha going. I posted daily for the two times I was in North Korea without internet as well as at meditation retreats with no reading, writing, talking, or internet. Those times I wrote posts ahead of time and scheduled WordPress to publish them each day. This time I have to use tabs and control characters. Your reading these words means it worked, though it’s taken me over an hour.

I’m not saying I’m doing something hard, just that, as I believe Steven Pressfield would say in The War of Art, I’ve decided to become a professional here, which means I do the job.

In a funny but now predictable way, realizing I can’t easily use the internet gives a liberating feeling to use my evening in other ways, in particular to read an Edwards Deming book I’ve meant to—The New Economics.

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