Let’s talk about Race and White Privilege, Parts 1 and 2

August 8, 2020 by Joshua
in Freedom, Nonjudgment

As Rob Harper asked in the YouTube page:

Can only white people be racist? Can black people be racist? What do you think when you see the police? What exactly is white privilege? Can blacks be privileged? Do all lives matter or just some and whose black lives?

As Rob and I speak more (here is his appearance on my podcast and my appearance on his, among many other recordings we’ve done since), we’re speaking more candidly about more challenging subjects. We started talking about life under lockdown. We’re speaking more about race now.

My part of the conversation reflects my exploring speaking on the topic more recently—with bottles being thrown at me, being chastised for being a white male lacking diversity, and things like that.

My work for equality goes back to protests in the 80s against US involvement in Central America, helping organize Take Back The Night at Barnard, volunteering at the local soup kitchen for years, as well as my living many years as a child as a racial minority suffering violent attacks, being labelled with racial slurs, and so on, I’m only now finding the courage to speak my experience despite the fear of being attacked for it.

People tend to select small quotes to interpret against people they disagree with them and silence them. I fear their power but if I don’t share my experience, they’ve silenced me. I have no problem learning from my misunderstandings.

EDIT: Here’s Part 2:

“How do you feel when you encounter the police?” Are you scared? Do you feel for your life? Can a woman sexually assault a man? During this week’s broadcast Josh and I have an honest conversation on these topics and more. Listen in and let us know your thoughts.

Dr. Joshua Spodek, author, speaker and writer. (@spodek)
Rob Harper, author, speaker, blogger, vlogger and conversationalist. (@robjh1)

We are two individuals attempting to keep it real and have an honest conversation that many often find difficult. We don’t have all the answers but neither does anyone else, and it is time to have the dialogue.

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