Lockdown reflections, locked down with family for the first time since the 70s (with Robjh from Magamedia)

April 23, 2020 by Joshua
in Audio, Relationships

Rob and I have created a series of one-on-one reflections on inside views on the lockdown. In my case, I haven’t lived this closely with my mom since before school—not college, not high school, but school, meaning kindergarten.

Among other things, I share on a flare-up between my step-father and me and how I plan to resolve it. Also my comparisons between generational differences today and in All in the Family, the TV show about Archie Bunker.

Rob is living with two young children. He’s reflecting more on how relationships and identity change in general.

Not the conversations you’d expect from a Trump supporter talking with the host of the Leadership and the Environment podcast.

Enjoy hearing a 48-year-old leadership expert sharing his frictions with being unable to escape family for 6 weeks.

We talk about race, age, politics, and more.

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