Making burpees friendly

July 12, 2014 by Joshua
in Fitness

Starting a set of twenty-five burpees is hard. I do something that makes them a little friendlier. It comes from the friend I started doing burpees with years ago.

Most descriptions of burpees start with you dropping down. For some reason my friend starts with a jump up before his first burpee. Ever since I first learned he started that way, I have too: I start with a jump, then do my “first” burpee.

I find the jumping the hardest part of burpees, so all this time I’ve been doing a half burpee more than I count each set, and the harder half. But doing it also reminds me of him, which makes them friendlier.

As I’ve written about habits and changes in behavior, starting with a goal of creating an emotion and emotional reward from the activity brings success more than anything else. The lack of it also makes success that much harder.

I like friendliness. That first jump makes starting burpees friendlier so I like doing them more.

Anyone can do something similar with any exercise or task.

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