March: Another month, another zero kWh electric bill

March 12, 2023 by Joshua
in Leadership, Nature

I’d get bored of posting about it, but I keep learning more every month. No wonder no one even in sustainability comes up with workable plans. It would be like expecting an orchestra to play well together when not one of the musicians practices their instrument.

It turns out practicing sustainability is deeply rewarding. Love for your fellow human. What do you want more of? If you want more human connection and less being spoiled and entitled, I recommend taking a leadership position. Ask me how if you don’t know. We can use your help.

It’s also incredibly educational. I learn more about myself, solutions, and why people resist through acting than reading. It’s the only way to find solutions that work. We don’t need more solutions that don’t work, however nice they sound, like green growth, green hydrogen, carbon offsets, fusion, nuclear energy, and all those things that accelerate our trajectory, dependency, and addiction.

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