Things it’s a mistake to separate

December 27, 2016 by Joshua
in Perception

If you separate the following things, I think you’re making a mistake:

Work and life

If you’re trying to balance work and life, I think you made a bigger mistake in separating them, even if you balance them somehow. You don’t stop living when you’re at work and why would you stop working in “regular” life outside of work if you love what you do for work. You love your work, right?

Practice and theory

You can try to learn theory just by reading it or having someone lecture it at you but you still have to solve some problems to experience it to learn it. In my experience, understanding theory comes from practicing something until you start seeing the patterns. If you want someone to learn theory, they’ll learn it faster if you give them a theory-based exercise.

Body and mind

The mind is part of your body, not separate from you. Physical exercise develops your mental abilities. Lack of exercise leads to your mental abilities atrophying like the rest of your body. Mental and physical stress or relaxation resemble each other.

Can you think of other examples?

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