This Start-Up Is Revolutionizing Museums: Museum Hack will change how you visit them forever.

December 28, 2016 by Joshua
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My post today, “This Start-Up Is Revolutionizing Museums,” begins

This Start-Up Is Revolutionizing Museums

Museum Hack will change how you visit them forever.

Did you grow up bored with museums too? Grown-ups talked about them like they were an adventure but they made them feel like history class for old people.

Times have changed!

An entrepreneur and his team have transformed museums into exciting, vigorous, personalized adventures where you meet people, run around the museum, and, while you weren’t paying attention, still learn about art.

Their company is called Museum Hack. Its founder, Nick Gray, who didn’t like museums growing up either, created it out of a hobby. He gave irreverent, informative, fun, free tours to his friends describing his take on New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on weekends.

Word got out. His tours went viral. Overnight, his waiting list grew from dozens to thousands. He hired a team, started charging, and has grown since.

Now Museum Hack has grown into corporate territory, helping firms like Google, Facebook, and KPMG create experiences, tell stories, and see old things anew.

I interviewed Michael Alexis, who leads marketing at Museum Hack. We talked about how the company has evolved from the original tours and how your company can use experimentation to rapidly grow your business.

Read the rest at This Start-Up Is Revolutionizing Museums.

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