What is your model for leadership?, part 2

February 3, 2013 by Joshua
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Following yesterday’s post asking you about your model for leadership, you might wonder mine.

I looked at my paper from the business school leadership class, but my model has evolved so much from then — the beginning of my even asking the questions — I don’t see value in posting it.

Elements of my leadership model

Since then I’ve developed my Model of the human emotional system, which I’ve found tremendously useful in motivation, understanding, and leading others and myself, so I consider it an essential and prominent part of my model for leadership.

The Model

My Model for the human emotional system

Even that Model I’ve built on, for example how it interacts with the rest of you and how to use it (the Method).


My Method for using the Model

I also like Columbia’s modeling leadership as six pillars, or competencies, on a foundation of emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Pillars of Leadership

The Pillars of Leadership — part of a model for leadership taught at Columbia Business School, here in a slide from the core leadership class required of all MBA students there when I took it.

A full-fledged, self-contained, coherent model for leadership

So I tend to think I have a fairly well-formed general-purpose model for leadership. But I confess I haven’t expanded from the Model and Method and other pieces to a full-fledged coherent model for leadership. The parts above make for excellent parts, but I think I’ll benefit from creating a full-fledged, self-contained, coherent model.

Readers: please hold me accountable.

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