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November 15, 2020 by Joshua
in Freedom, Habits

Someone asked about getting rid of stuff. What’s the point? Why not just avoid getting attached to it?

I responded. . .

Avoiding acquiring things in the first place is the point for me in Things I already possess I may keep using until they wear out or get rid of. Deciding what to get rid of forces me to consider and act on my values, which improves my life.

If you’re like me, how you act on them helps you act deliberately, not just sleepwalk through life or blindly accept others’ values. No one can tell you your values and I think only by acting on them can you find them out, which I predict will improve your life.

I value not getting attached to things, but I more value the mental freedom of not needing to work on that detachment.

Over a year of garbage and recycling from my home

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