More precedent for expecting we can each live sustainably soon

November 17, 2023 by Joshua
in Blog

People hear me suggest everyone living sustainably and think it’s impossible. They don’t want to give up their comforts and conveniences any more than slave owners wanted to give up theirs.

Max Weber wrote in his essay, The Profession and Vocation of Politics (1919) “What is possible would not have been achieved, if, in this world, people had not repeatedly reached for the impossible.”

Quoting Eric Foner in his book on Lincoln and slavery The Fiery Trial: “As late as 1858, the Chicago Tribune, a strong voice of antislavery radicalism, stated flatly that ‘no man living’ would witness the death of American slavery.”

It seems the impossible can become possible, then happen a few years after predicted to be more than a lifetime away. Watch me make sustainability happen, including for you to embrace it, including not flying. You won’t return to the Stone Age. You’ll help restore democracy, freedom, free markets, and internal peace where now you’re internally conflicted from doing things that hurt people (and wildlife).

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