More reasons to act now, not wait for governments or corporations

April 27, 2021 by Joshua
in Leadership, Nature

“But what I do doesn’t matter”

“Only governments and corporations can make a difference.”

These excuses are the top Addictions Speaking people use to lie to themselves to abdicate responsibility for acting on their environmental values.

Well, note this timeline:

  • 1955: Private citizens organize Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • 1956: Court rules segregated buses unconstitutional and bus company changes
  • 1964: Civil Rights Act of 1964

Does anybody think the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would have happened without individual citizens acting well beyond just voting? Do you think India could have attained independence and then had a Great Salt March?

I could have picked any social movement or cultural change. Systemic change begins with personal transformation, the route to action.

If you believe the two statements at the top, you can keep lying to yourself to maintain your entitlement, but I suggest you’ll feel better about yourself and live a better life by whatever measures you consider relevant if you drop the excuses and act.

You’ll wish you had earlier.

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