Motivating Rejections — The Series

March 18, 2014 by Joshua
in Awareness, Freedom, Tips

Welcome to my series on turning rejections into motivations. Click on the Table of Contents entries to the left to read the posts in the series.

I’ve learned to view what many people call failure as experience and lack of failure as not experimenting enough. If you avoid failure absolutely, I would guess I would sound annoying to me. Not that I’m special in this way. The entrepreneurial community celebrates failure, at least among those who learn from it despite the pain. So do sports and plenty of other places.

A major part of my failures come in the form of rejections. Like many of my failures that turned into great learning experiences that led to great successes, many rejections renewed passions in me to succeed at whatever some gatekeeper blocked me from.

You can learn to make rejections motivate you. Click on the contents on the left for more.

Someone accepting you can also lead you to do things you wish you hadn’t, so I included a post on acceptances that discourage too.

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