My ChatGPT predictions

April 27, 2023 by Joshua
in Addiction

People keep asking me my predictions on ChatGPT. Here are some so far.

Top level:

  • An unintended side-effect will end up being the dominant effect.
  • Applications will addict people.
  • It will lead to people becoming more isolated.
  • The most addicting, isolating applications will have been introduced as ways to combat isolation and addiction, like as a way for lonely people to have conversations.
  • People will be surprised to find that in the physical world the program pollutes and depletes far more than most people expected.
  • Companies will use it to motivate people to share their interests and passions at first to sell them things, but will graduate to changing their lifestyles. People will enjoy the conversations. They will feel natural buying things it recommends.
  • It will funnel money from poor people to rich people.

Lower level:

  • I predict people will develop that tool for lonely people to have “someone to talk to.” Somehow it will make money the more people use it.
  • It will create long conversations that captivate people far beyond expectations. They’ll find those conversations more engaging than with people they know.
  • It will become adept at catching people’s attention, then finding the topics and approaches people can’t turn away from.
  • People will make types of conversation like we choose TV shows today.

Of course:

  • There will be porn of it—products like romance novels for women and videos and pictures for men.

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