Clean, green, renewable imperialism

April 26, 2023 by Joshua
in Addiction

When a culture doesn’t live within its means, looks beyond its borders to fill the gap, and starts figuring out how to take others’ resources, it’s likely to become imperialist. Our so-called clean, green, renewable energy sources like wind and solar (that aren’t renewable) require materials most countries lack. They have to obtain them elsewhere.

Before a few decades ago, no place with cobalt was mining cobalt in large amounts to export. We look to those places and covet their cobalt. You can just see Europe salivating at the Sahara Desert, wanting to figure out how to fill it with solar panels and take the power for themselves. If you’re taking their land, not just resources, then you’re colonial too, and a short jump to taking their labor, which is slavery. Imperialism tends to lead to colonialism and slavery. Usually it’s not liberals driving it, but pushing the Green New Deal is driving a lot of it.

In the old days, the imperialists would invade with the military. Today we bring them cell phones, doof, and other addictive things. People have identified that addiction is slavery before me. Addicting people who may have been living in cultures dating back tens of thousands of years transforms them from living sustainably to the bottom rung of our hierarchy.

Once they’re addicted, we can say, “see, they need the cobalt too.” Then when we get a hold of it, we can say someone else starting the problem.

People here, liberal and conservative alike, say we should help the poorest. We then give them what we want them to have, and we assimilate them. When we bring them education, they weren’t stupid before. We aren’t educating them with what they want. If their culture has endured, we could learn from them. We’re not. We’re indoctrinating them and putting them at the bottom of our hierarchy, then saying we should help them. Once addicted to cell phones and so on, they want solar.

I contend that we shouldn’t bring our technology and education there. We should be humble and learn from them.

And now, some images of empires that shift and changed

Empires have come and gone throughout history. Can you tell where the empires will end up?

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