My new top advice on what to do about the environment

June 26, 2021 by Joshua
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Someone in 111F Portland wrote: “I’m hunkered down and keeping cool in my (outside Portland) apartment. I really don’t know what else to do anymore. Some of us have no ability to avoid these coming times…”

I responded:

Generations of people said they didn’t know what to do and didn’t do anything. We are suffering their inaction. Imagine you could go back to tell them what they could do.

Now imagine someone from decades from now coming back. What would they say? Probably similar to what we’d say: “Even though you can’t feel the effects immediately, stop flying so much, buy less stuff, change your diet, have fewer kids, and so on. Most of all, lead others to change so your effect multiplies.”

However bad it feels now, our behavior can make the future better or worse for other humans even if we can’t feel those changes today. There is never a time to give up stewardship for innocent others.

Recapping this simple advice, but I think useful: Imagine 111F temperatures where it used to be temperate. What would you tell past generations? You know, whatever outcomes the past has locked in, what you do today affects others. What would someone from the future tell you?

What past excuses would you accept? If they said what they did didn’t matter or that only government or corporations could make a difference, would you accept? What if they said you didn’t understand their situation because you were too privileged? What if they questioned your science?

I suspect you’d accept none of it. Maybe you shouldn’t accept your excuses.

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