My One Last Thought

August 11, 2019 by Joshua
in Audio, Tips

Division I basketball coach Ido Singer hosted me on his podcast, One Last Thought, which features guests sharing their one last thought. That is, if you could share one thought from what you’ve learned from life for future generations, what would you share?

He pairs each person’s thought with another, so each episode features two guests. My episode is about 5 minutes.

Click here for more episodes or below to hear my episode.

I put a lot of thought into what to share and how. The way he edited it I think breaks the accomplishments up from the disasters and rest of it, but I think you can reassemble it when you listen.

After I sent him my recording, he said he hadn’t heard anyone interpret the challenge as I did, which led to our getting in touch and speaking about life, basketball, training, the environment, and more. We didn’t record that discussion, but I hope it gives you a feel for Ido’s dedication and passion for his podcast.

Click here for more episodes or below to hear my episode.

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