My trash from redoing the floor

August 30, 2019 by Joshua
in Nature

Without a set way to account for my garbage, I’ve been counting since September 2018 as the last time I emptied my household trash. I also had my floor redone, which produced a bunch of trash and recycling, which I count as nearly trash.

Most of the old flooring was still usable. I posted it free on Craig’s List. After two guys with vans canceled on their appointments to pick up the flooring, a woman with a bicycle and trailer made her appointment.

I was happy that she got it and not surprised that the one who chose her own power over fossil fuel showed up. I helped her carry the stuff downstairs and load the bike, which took a few trips.

Anyway, yesterday my stepfather, who did the work, and masterfully, finished nearly the last of it. Along the way I asked him to minimize waste and keep track of it so I could document it here.

What do you think: should I count the trash from once-a-decade maintenance as household trash or a different category? I’ll go with the majority. In any case, I wanted to document my waste, not hide it.

The pictures make the trash look like more than it was. In the top pictures, the rebar on the right isn’t trash. It’s the caging I use for my cherry tomato plants, but I took that picture last winter, when there were no cherry tomato plants. The pillar isn’t trash. Actually, there are tools in there, plants, and other things, so it’s not all trash, but I believe I captured everything I threw away.

I think my stepfather may not have kept track of all the waste, but I’m not sure.

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