Notes on aging, part 2

October 28, 2022 by Joshua
in Humor, Stories

Context: Decades ago I used to go out clubbing and dancing. Back then I’d go out a couple weekends a month. Now I went once since the pandemic, and the last time before would have been years ago.

A friend said he got tickets for a big DJ playing in Brooklyn and invited me to join.

I didn’t know the DJ since I don’t know anything about the scene today. I asked him if he knew how old the crowd would be. Would they be young?

He responded, “they’ll be younger than us.”

I said, “But will they be young? . . . They could still be 45.”

I don’t know how funny that observation comes off in writing, but it killed us: We laughed a while, caught off guard.

That’s where I’ve reached. People can be well younger than me and still old.

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