Vegan restaurants and doof

October 27, 2022 by Joshua
in Doof

There are a lot more vegan restaurants around. I’ve visited a few. As best I can tell, they’re taking packaged fake meats and other things prepared elsewhere and putting them together.

I haven’t found one that serves mostly vegetables or seems to honor nature and the art and craft of preparing food.

Does this veggie burger look like they made it in the store or assembled things made elsewhere? Do you think they cut the fries in the store? It looks like doof.

I don’t mind someone making a vegan cheese steak, but I don’t think a restaurant serving this one has much raw ingredients delivered.

I’m not saying all vegan food has to be healthy or meet my interests, but for me to enjoy food, I’d like them to honor the vegetables and produce and for someone at the place to have put some care into what they serve. Every place I’ve gone lately, admittedly only a few restaurants this year, has served pre-made doof.


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