Some people eat to support working. I think they have it backwards.

July 18, 2015 by Joshua
in Perception, Relationships

It seems standard today to eat lunch in front of the computer. I do it a lot too.

Many people love their work, love eating, and are combining things they love. That makes sense to me.

But many people don’t love their work. They consider it a necessity to pay rent and support themselves. Many of them consider working for others their lives’ fundamental activity—as in, when someone asks what they do, they talk about what they do for pay and don’t talk about what they like to do otherwise.

I used to think and act that way. I considered everything else in life support for working. From that perspective, eating was distracting, as were talking and everything else.

Now I consider things like eating, relationships, nature, and things outside working for others fundamental. Working for others supports them. I don’t eat to get back to work and work more, I work so I can enjoy eating, friends, relaxing, etc.

Well, in my case, I love my work, but if I had to work for others on projects I didn’t like, I would have this view, of enjoying life being the priority, not work.

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