“People Join Good Projects and Leave Bad Management,” My Techstory guest post

April 20, 2017 by Joshua
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My guest post in Techstory yesterday, “People Join Good Projects and Leave Bad Management,” began

If you’re reading Techstory, you care about your work. You worked hard to get where you are—advanced degrees, challenging interviews, or other credentials. You don’t just show up and do what you’re told.

You didn’t just choose any old project to work on. You chose something you care about.

If you’re like most people who care about what they do, you probably focused on the project but not the people you’ll work with, especially the managers you report to.

That’s a mistake.

I’ve taught and coached hundreds of professionals and students. My online leadership and entrepreneurship courses at SpodekAcademy.com cover what universities don’t, but that matter in the working world.

Read the rest at People Join Good Projects and Leave Bad Management.

Techstory Joshua Spodek

My guest post at Techstory. Click to read the story!

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