Plug in again or work less?

April 30, 2023 by Joshua
in Choosing/Decision-Making

We’ve had a lot of rain in New York City. My batteries are all near zero so I have to write this post quick.

I gave myself a deadline to finish the first draft of my book this month, but I couldn’t charge my computer. I also went a month without my “cheat” of plugging in at NYU last month. It turns out the battery problem that led me to plug in that time was easily fixed with an undocumented reset. The company told me about it after I plugged in at NYU or I could have gone longer.

I plugged in yesterday, though, so that was my second time in six weeks. I’m finding myself an explorer at the frontier of sustainability since my podcast conversation with Derek Sivers. Now that I’ve gotten used to disconnecting and with the new second power station, I want to minimize plugging in at NYU too.

“So what to do today,” I wondered. I had enough power to run the mastermind group noon to 2pm. Should I go to NYU to write more and maybe finish the draft by midnight, which I want to do, or not plug in and minimize using my “cheat,” which I also want. I could turn off unused lights and computers at NYU to create net-negative power use there, but I’m trying to develop skills.

As it turns out, I have a book I’ve been meaning to read, so I opted not to plug in and keep exploring the frontier. As an aside, I’m finding more ways to prepare new foods without power too. They aren’t delicious yet, but they’re nutritious and use what I have. Like my phrase “Home cooked tastes better, even when it tastes worse,” resilience tastes good too.

Tomorrow is a busy day, so finishing my draft will take more than a couple days, but that’s what living humble to nature means.

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