This week’s selected media: April 29, 2023

April 29, 2023 by Joshua
in Tips

I’m starting a new regular post: selections of what I read, watched, or listened to each week.

This week:

A book so fascinating and useful I read it in two sittings (one if you don’t count sleeping). The author, Jason Hickel, is an accomplished economic anthropologist who comprehensively shows problems with growth and the value of degrowth.

An article by a podcast guest, Christopher Ketcham, on how wind, solar, and other so-called “clean,” “green,” and “renewable” energy sources aren’t. I also recorded our second conversation this week, now in the editing queue, in which he recommended Less Is More.

Rereading posts from two of my favorite sites Low Tech Magazine and Do the Math. I reread them because a reporter profiling me asked me about motivations to unplug the fridge and apartment. These articles played a role, among others.

I posted about these two articles, how we are homogenizing culture:

I learned about abolitionism, slavery, and the Thirteenth Amendment. What followed? Why do the problems persist? I started to find out by watching a few videos on Reconstruction:

A reader who contacted me and I led in the Spodek Method reciprocated with a session on Alexander Technique, which I heard of when I took acting classes, but had never practiced. He recommended this video.

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