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January 12, 2015 by Joshua
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If you think of used car salespeople when you think sales, you’re missing out on some of the most important skills and perspectives for life. Not just business, but any interactions with people.

Sales also means proposing ideas, job interviews (selling your labor),  hiring great people (selling your organization), fund-raising (selling equity), and more.

Approaching sales from a leadership perspective teaches you to influence and persuade to create long-term, productive, mutually beneficial relationships. As with my leadership courses, I teach skills anyone can use and that will be valuable your whole career and applicable across your life, not just in business.

I’m teaching the class at General Assembly. Register here. From the registration page:

A strong sales team is essential to any sustainable organization. Sales skills can also help you start your own venture, get you hired, get you promoted, and get your ideas acted on. Yet most people shy away from selling out of anxiety—often based on a short-term, high-pressure view of sales.

This class series covers essential and effective skills to influence and motivate you in settings beyond just sales calls. It applies especially to entrepreneurial environments where you have new products, few resources, a short operating history, and have to create new relationships. You’ll learn an effective sales process that builds relationships based on listening, value, and mutual benefit—the opposite of high-pressure sales.


  • Learn how to set up and lead a sales meeting to influence and motivate without being pushy or a pushover.
  • Find out how to get the information you want from your client.
  • Be able to prepare and stay calm.
  • Discover how to work as a team in sales presentations.
  • Learn how to apply the principles for the class to all areas of influence and persuasion, including fundraising, job searches, promotions, presentations, and more.


  • Saturday, 31 January 12 – 4 pm Session I
  • Saturday, 7 February 12 – 4 pm Session II
  • Saturday, 14 February 12 – 4 pm Session III
  • Saturday, 21 February 12 – 4 pm Session IV

Prereqs & Preparation

None, although attendees will benefit from leadership experience.

I’ve taught this course in private companies, led private clients through the exercises, and included much of it in my entrepreneurship classes for years. This is the first time I’m offering it to the public.

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