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September 19, 2015 by Joshua
in Education, Entrepreneurship

“If lean startup methodology doesn’t work for you, then maybe you’re a candidate for the alternative method of company creation espoused by Joshua Spodek, entrepreneur, professor and coach at Columbia and NYU.

Spodek explained his process to an enthusiastic and receptive audience at the Princeton Tech Meetup at the Princeton Public Library on July 16, in a talk titled “8 Steps from No Idea to Funding.””

So begins an article, “Professor/Entrepreneur Talks about New Method of Company Creation at Princeton Tech Meetup,” in the New Jersey Tech Weekly that summarizes my July talk in Princeton.

It covers my process at a high level, which will be in the course I’ll soon release here that differs from the popular Lean Startup methodology the article mentioned. I think it will make entrepreneurship accessible to a lot more people. If you have questions about it, contact me. And if you want to make sure you know about the course’s release, subscribe!

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