See me on German Public TV describing life with my apartment disconnected from the electric grid

March 9, 2023 by Joshua
in Freedom, Leadership, Nature

Check out this video, “Josh Spodek’s apartment disconnected from the electric grid in Manhattan on German TV”: (click the cc in the bottom right for English subtitles)

(Note: I told the director over and over how the important story was the mission and strategy underneath, but journalists only cover what they can see and show so what you see is the superficial surface of my work. Journalists on the environment: It’s like they see a child drowning and instead of helping the child, they write a story about it. *sigh*)

The notes:

How to start systemic change: systemic change begins with personal change. You cannot lead others to live by values you live the opposite of, whereas living by your values reveals how to lead others to.

Josh shows some of how he lives simply and enjoyably with his apartment disconnected from the electric grid in Greenwich Village.

His solutions aren’t perfect yet. It’s his first try with equipment he bought used from Craigslist, not waiting for his building’s coop board to approve a permanent installation. You can probably do better in your home where you live. If so, please share your results and techniques.

Here is the original: Leben ohne Strom in New York (Life without electricity in New York): It says: “Refrigerator, stove, microwave, lights – switched off. What began as an experiment has become a lifestyle: U.S. citizen Josh Spodek disconnected himself from the power grid months ago—even though he lives in the middle of New York.”

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