There are few shoulds in life

February 20, 2013 by Joshua
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Some advice sticks with you more than others. I still remember words a great friend of mine told me in college. I remember he said it while consoling me over a breakup with a girlfriend, which would have put it in 1989 or maybe 1990.

Something that stands the test of time like that, I think speaks for itself.

He said

There are few shoulds in life.

I’ve written at length on this page on the value of avoiding judgmental language and how telling people they should do something implicitly judges them — you’re imposing your values on them.

How my friend put it states it simply and effectively, so I’m passing it on.

I’ll say it again:

There are few shoulds in life.

(By the way, I searched the web for this great wisdom I learned from my friend and the first other mention of it came from my own post on avoiding judgmental language. Read it too.)

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