My cowboy joke

February 21, 2013 by Joshua
in Blog, Humor

When my friend was in the hospital last month I looked for jokes to cheer her up and found this one online. Now it’s one of my favorites. So much I wanted to share it here.

Most jokes as funny as this one are dirty or off-color, so it’s nice to find a clean one this funny.

What does it have to do with leadership, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, passion, importance, values, or anything else I cover on this page? I don’t know. Maybe nothing. But I like it.

It’s the old west in the U.S. A cowboy goes to a saloon for a few drinks. When he’s done he walks outside to find his horse missing.

He walks back in the saloon and says, “My horse is missing. I don’t know what happened, but I’m going to go to the bathroom and I hope my horse is back by the time I get out or I’m going to have to do what I did in Texas. And I don’t want to have to do again what I did in Texas. So I hope it’s back.”

He goes to the bathroom and when he comes back out his horse is back. He gets on his horse and is about to ride away. Someone comes from inside and says, “Okay, your horse is back. But what did you do in Texas that you didn’t want to do here?”

He says, “Oh, in Texas I had to walk back home.”

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