It’s not what you know OR whom you know. It’s your skills to make connections

September 3, 2015 by Joshua
in Relationships, Tips

Next time someone you hear “It’s not what you know, it’s whom you know,” tell them who said it they still don’t get it.

More important than whom you know is your skill and ability to meet people. If you can meet people and make meaningful connections, then you can create for yourself the “whom you know.”

It’s not what you know or whom you know. It’s how well you can meet.

These skills aren’t something you have to be born with. You can develop them. All of them.

That’s why I put such value on social and emotional skills for business and the rest of life. That’s why I value the series I wrote on communication skills for business and life. Come to think of it, those exercises are years old and I’ve improved them since then. Well, they’re a good start. If you want better, contact me. Otherwise, I recommend practicing.

If you don’t know who to meet people so they want to work with you, I recommend you either learn how or resign yourself to limited life goals.

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