Some things you have to do yourself

July 12, 2013 by Joshua
in Blog, Nature

At an outdoor concert July 4 I noticed something that, when I said it, sounded like a meaningful life lesson worth sharing here.

The VIP section for some reason had fewer port-a-pods per person than the rest of the venue so they kept having long lines. Also, my friends and I were mostly staying in the tent area with the bar to stay out of the hot sun and walking to the port-a-pods meant going out in the sun.

I remember saying “No matter how rich you get, no matter how much you can pay for others to do things for you, no one can go to the bathroom for you.

That may sound silly or obvious, but I think it has some meaning. Like the truism that even the Queen of England has to go to the bathroom. Or that for every beautiful woman there’s a man who is sick of her.

No one can eat for you, sleep for you, exercise for you, etc.

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