Special invitation to sneak preview I Am Greta

November 11, 2020 by Joshua
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As a proud member of Flight Free USA, where I’ve pledged another joyful year of not flying, I’m extending to you the invitation they extended to me.

I just watched it. It’s touching and honest as a documentary and she is honest, genuine, and authentic as a leader and person. After years of people asking me, confused, why I would act in service of the environment, asking me why I’m “so extreme” about not polluting, I feel one person who understands me and acts. She acts differently than I do, but we can all learn from her.

I urge you to watch this important movie about her. I hope you’ll try to understand her, not see her as unusual but human, aware, caring, and active.

I hope also to see you at the online panel Thursday 9pm eastern.

We’re inviting you to preview the acclaimed documentary film I AM GRETA —ahead of the film’s public release on Hulu. Grab some popcorn and watch it starting today through Thursday. Feel free to forward this invite to all of your friends, family, and community! Everyone is welcome!
RSVP here to receive link to stream I AM GRETA for free. After viewing the film, join us over Zoom to celebrate the launch Flight Free 2021 and share your reactions to the film. Email us at info@flightfreeusa.org with any questions.
Film Screening (stream at your convenience): starting Tuesday 11/10 8 am EST through Thursday 11/12 9pm EST (6pm PST)
Zoom Gathering (see RSVP for link): Thursday 9pm- 9:40 pm EST (6pm-6:40pm PST)
More About I AM GRETA
Synopsis: I AM GRETA tells the story of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg through compelling, never-before- seen footage in this intimate documentary from Swedish director Nathan Grossman. Starting with her one-person school strike for climate action outside the Swedish Parliament, Grossman follows Greta in her rise to prominence and her galvanizing global impact as she sparks school strikes around the world. The film culminates with her extraordinary wind-powered voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to speak at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York City.
Director: Nathan Grossman
Distributor: Hulu
Film Run Time:  97 minutes
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDdEWkA15Rg

“I really like the film and I think it gives a realistic image of myself and my daily life. I hope anyone who watches the film can finally understand that we young people aren’t school striking just for fun. We are protesting because we don’t have a choice. A lot has of course happened since I started school striking, but sadly we are still stuck on square one. The changes and the level of awareness needed are nowhere to be seen today. All that we ask for is for our society to treat the climate crisis as a crisis, and give us a safe future. I think the film shows just how far that is from happening right now. It shows that the urgency of the scientific message isn’t getting through.”– Greta Thunberg

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