Tastes Good versus Want More, explored in depth

June 10, 2019 by Joshua
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I spoke at length on the concept I consider at the root of most major issues of our time: “Tastes Good” versus “Want More.” I explored the distinction in my post five years ago “Want to eat more” and “tastes good” aren’t the same feeling.

When you get the “want more” concept, you see it everywhere. I see the industrial revolution as creating labor-saving devices. Teams of mechanical, electrical, and related engineers engineered ways to save labor, for example with cars, locomotives, and washing machines.

Today’s revolution is in creating and satisfying “want more” — that is, craving. Teams of psychological engineers find ways to create craving and to satisfy it. Hence Americans averaging 5 hours of TV per day, social media making people miserable, cell phones addicting people, industrial junk food, obesity,

Hear me treat these concepts and their results on the Podcasters on Purpose podcast hosted by Devi Adea. She got me sharing some concepts I’ve alluded to but haven’t fully developed on my podcast.

Click here to listen at her site or click the player here:

Here are Devi’s notes:

Devi and Josh discuss:

  • Josh’s exceptional life journey
  • How reality “tastes good”
  • Selecting the right healthy foods for yourself
  • Knowing what you don’t need in your life
  • The impact of what is happening in the environment
  • Josh’s experiences with stand-up comedy
  • Making a difference each day
  • Changing your behaviors to make a difference
  • Being aware of reality
  • How the environment reacts to our behavior
  • How Josh created his “Leadership and the Environment” podcast
  • Leading people to find what motivates them specifically
  • Helping leaders transform publicly
  • Knowing that your life matters
  • Promoting active leadership
  • Tips and strategies for how to grow your show
  • Creating systemic change
  • Being accountable for your own behavior
  • Living in your values
  • Adding purpose to your life

and more…

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