Thanksgiving, Wine, Moderation, and More Appreciation

November 23, 2023 by Joshua
in Tips, Visualization

The BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal) found that wine glasses hold seven times more volume today than 300 years ago. Do we enjoy wine more or just more wine? I see people plow through volumes of food and doof without appreciating it. I contend we can attain as much enjoyment with the smaller amount. Not just wine, the whole Thanksgiving dinner.

How? Expect to drink less but to appreciate the flavor more. Imagine we didn’t have as much as we wanted whenever we wanted. I recently got some almonds in their shells so I had to crack open each shell for each almond. It took more work, but I found I appreciated the experience of eating almonds more despite eating fewer almonds.

Is your goal to eat and drink more or fulfillment and satisfaction? I find I can get as much fulfillment and satisfaction, therefore more to be thankful for, without consuming more.

Here’s a graph from the research:

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