The best presentation on population I’ve seen, by TV and movie star Alexandra Paul

July 16, 2021 by Joshua
in Education, Nature

Alexandra Paul has risen to the top of my list of the few people who live in the intersection of experience necessary to lead effectively on the environment. She has experience leading, she knows the science, and she lives the values she suggests for others:

Missing From Sustainability

She was a recent guest on my podcast, This Sustainable Life. She mentioned a presentation she has since given at Sand Diego State University. I consider it among the best resources on population I’ve seen. I recommend it as much as I can recommend videos, especially if you are considering having more kids or know anyone who might.

She’s considered the issue from many angles and speaks from experience, research, and compassion. It’s the future. Here it is:

I’d love your thoughts.


I thank Alexandra for creating and delivering the talk and John Love for hosting, recording, and posting the video.

Alexandra’s TEDx talk

Here’s her TEDx talk from 2012. Seeing it led me to contact her. Also more than worth watching.

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