The Daily Show showed my living disconnected from the electric grid in Manhattan.

November 28, 2023 by Joshua
in Freedom, Leadership, Nature

The Daily Show aired their segment on my disconnecting from the electric grid in Manhattan!

I just learned, so haven’t seen it myself yet so can’t comment on it. I hope it was funny, informative, and inspiring.

EDIT: I posted the video and some comments on it: See the Daily Show’s segment on me: “Is it Possible to Live “Off the Grid” in Manhattan?”.

The point isn’t my personal impact. The point is leading others. You can’t lead others to live by values you live the opposite of. Systemic change begins with personal change. I’m happy to answer questions, but the big answer is that over 4 billion people live in cities. If none of them think they can disconnect from the grid, they won’t try.

It may be hard for some people to disconnect, but at first it wasn’t easy for me either. More than becoming easier, it’s liberating and freeing to alleviate suffering in others. I know for many people it will be easier so I expect many will disconnect, find freedom and liberation, and lead others too.

Everyone has the knee-jerk reaction I did that the only alternative would be reverting to the Stone Age. You know who else lived without a grid? Every human ever until about a century ago! Some examples: Shakespeare, Bach, Laozi, Confucius, Aristotle, Jesus, and Muhammad.

If it looks like the weather was warmer than just above freezing, like today, it’s because they recorded it in the spring, just before the writers strike, so they had to wait to air it.

I’ll link to the video when they post it. Let me know what you think. Anyone really interested in joining the movement of living joyfully freely sustainably, I recommend my sustainability leadership workshops to learn the Spodek Method. The next one starts in January.

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