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March 11, 2020 by Joshua
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Women’s Wear Daily quoted me today in Kaley Roshitsh’s article, Not Buying It: Is the issue overconsumption? Some consumers and industry experts are simply not buying it. “No-buy” stints and zero-waste draw interest.

The article begins

Not Shopping Period: “No-buy” stints and zero-waste draw consumer interest.

There is the growing consumer trend toward “buying less, but buying quality.” There is the increase in renting and resale. And then there is the ultimate in sustainability: not buying anything at all.

I spoke about motivations to avoid buying clothes, in part driven by Lorna Davis‘s experience on my podcast foregoing buying clothes for a year and loving the experience. Moreover, she inspired many of her peers—high-powered executives—to follow suit.

Here’s a pdf version.

If you’re not an industry insider either, WWD is a major industry journal. According to Wikipedia, “Women’s Wear Daily (also known as WWD) is a fashion-industry trade journal sometimes called “the bible of fashion”.”

Last week I attended an industry event at Diane von Furstenburg‘s flagship store in the Meatpacking district.

In the beginning of February I spoke to a sustainability and entrepreneurship class at the Fashion Institute of Technology—a talk that led to my TEDx talk a week-and-a-half ago.

A few months ago I attended an event at Boston Consulting Group, where meeting Diane von Furstenburg’s head of global operations, Pasha C. Chandra, led to my invitation to last week’s event. PC was also quoted in the WWD article, which mentioned TerraCycle, founded by podcast guest Tom Szaky, and Lauren Singer, who I’m scheduling to be on the podcast.

Vogue‘s digital creative director, Sally Singer, and director, writer, professor, and producer of Victoria’s Secret Road to the Runway, B. Jeffery Madoff, have also been guests.

What’s driving fashion?

The documentary The True Cost is available to watch free. I can’t recommend it enough. You will never see fashion again, especially fast fashion, but anything made with textiles.

The site hosting The True Cost, ThoughtMaybe, hosts many other documentaries, including in fashion, so I recommend browsing the site.

Besides reading the WWD article, I again recommend watching The True Cost.

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