The Sacklers must be looking at social media and doof companies with envy.

July 27, 2023 by Joshua
in Addiction, Doof

You probably know the Sackler name, but if you don’t, the Sackler family pushed the opiate Oxycontin on an unsuspecting public, playing the largest role in the opiate crisis that has led to millions of addictions and deaths. They avoid admitting wrongdoing and avoid prosecution through legal wrangling that looks like it’s abusing the legal system in a way rich people can.

Meanwhile, doof makers addict people with substances derived from plants like opiates from poppy. Doof isn’t food, but doof manufacturers promote it as food, even to kids. Imagine marketing morphine to kids.

The Sacklers must look at McDonald’s, Whole Foods, Starbucks, Panera, Keebler, Ben & Jerry’s, and all the other doof manufacturers with envy. Doof manufacturers do what the Sacklers did—selling addictive plant extracts with lies—but it’s legal! People act like doof helps people and attack people like me for shopping at farmers markets.

They must be thinking, “How can we copy them? How can we get people to defend parents buying their addictive products for their kids?”

Likewise with social media, fast fashion, TV designed to binge, and so on.

Photo by Toby Talbot/AP/REX/Shutterstock (6220781c)

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