The electric company is texting me to use less electricity, but I’m using none. Stop wasting so much, people.

July 28, 2023 by Joshua
in Addiction, Freedom, Nature

I closed my account with Con Ed since I wasn’t using their power, but apparently Americans are too entitled and can’t stop themselves. They’re complaining and unhappy. I wish I could help them enjoy life more, but the technology they thought brought them comfort and convenience seems to have made them less resilient, happy, healthy, or safe and more addicted, dependent, and petulant.

I prefer freedom to addiction, which I think in 2023 makes me un-American. Sad, I remember it being the other way.

Here’s the text Con Ed sent:

ConEd Alert: We’re preparing for the heatwave in your area. Please, limit your energy use between 2 pm and 10 pm to help keep service reliable. If you lose power, reply OUT to get updates. Reply STOP to opt out of all future outage msgs. Reply HELP for help

The air conditioners on my block have been on 24/7 for months. People aren’t home that much.

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