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January 11, 2012 by Joshua
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I find this picture of the Eiffel Tower beautiful. A guy named Tristan Nitot took the picture and posted it for people to share and enjoy in a post called “This photograph is free.”

Free picture of Eiffel Tower

He posted it in response to some other guy whose name I don’t know who posted a picture he took entitled “This photograph is not free.” I won’t link to him because I’m afraid he might attack me and if he doesn’t like sharing I won’t share.

Because I like beautiful photographs and people sharing, I’m sharing his beautiful photograph. I commented on his site

I find your picture beautiful and your act to share it adds to its beauty.

You made the other guy’s picture (the not free one) and motivations look ugly by sharing yours.

I predict your picture’s popularity will go the way of Wikipedia (not to become one of the biggest sites on the web, but to have its popularity increase) and his will go the way of Britannica.


You, dear reader, are free to distribute your work however you please. Personally, I prefer people in my life who share.

By the way, I looked up the Mr. Nitot. He founded and leads as President Mozilla Europe and his blog reaches 12,000 readers daily. Sounds successful to me.

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