This Week’s Selected Media: Tiny Habits

August 27, 2023 by Joshua
in Tips

This week I read:

Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything, by BJ Fogg: Regular readers know I’m more than a decade into a few big habits that started small, including posting here daily and now twice-daily calisthenics including nearly a quarter million burpees. I also haven’t flown or filled a load of garbage since before the pandemic.

Fogg’s book systematized what I learned through experience. He starts with a model that makes sense, then describes how to use it with many examples and insights I’ve found that few others who haven’t created sidchas realized.

He clarifies that developing habits is a set of skills and that habits improve your life so the more you create them, the more you can create and the more you improve your life.

He doesn’t hit the sidcha concept or my insight into how to start a habit to avoid stopping, which I cover in my video on that topic on my sidcha page. One or two sentences talk about changing the world, but he doesn’t hit on habits for sustainability. Still, he covers many insights and tips for starting habits.

I recommend it.

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