Three Latest Videos on New York City’s lockdown with Me and’s Rob Harper

May 16, 2020 by Joshua
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I can’t describe the unexpected fun and growth coming from my conversations with Rob. When I learned of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s friendship with Antonin Scalia, I couldn’t get it. How could one tolerate someone who worked to make the world the opposite of what they wanted, especially with the stakes so high?

Reading John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty, I intellectually understood his point that you have to share your ideas to have them challenged or you don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t internalize it.

Living with two people—my mom and stepfather—who look on Trump with disdain, I think all three of us are surprised at the friendship and conversations Rob and I are creating. I think my surprise is pleasant. Theirs is more curious.

In any case, everyone characterizes my environmental action as the most sincere and consistent of anyone they know, with a few exception. I’ve never heard anyone characterizing Trump’s environmental views or actions as positive. Yet Rob and I talk week after week, discovering each other’s views and actions.

Incidentally, one of the videos includes my stepfather. We talked about him in a couple episodes, then I talked to him in regular life, and he was interested in participating. It’s a family affair.

Today I bring you three more conversations we recorded. We record once a week. The editing happens on the time scale it does for a side project. I put them in chronological order of recording, with Rob’s episode notes.


The Great Isolation Part IV

Continued conversations with Rob and Josh two New Yorkers in isolation due to COVID19. While both men live in different parts of the City, Josh decided to escape for upstate New York. Rob remained in the City watching it become a ghost town, of sorts. Their conversations describe what’s it’s like being in isolation in the City that’s not supposed to sleep.

The Great Isolation Part V: New York City

The Great Isolation continues with conversations with Rob and Josh. This time they are joined by Josh’s step-father, Bill Magargal, to discuss COVID-19 and being in isolation.

The Great Shutdown: Isolation part VI New York City: Rob is Angry

It’s that time again. Rob Harper and Joshua Spodek discuss life in isolation. In this episode Rob explains why he is angry being in isolation.

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